About Colori Kitchen

Colori Kitchen is a small neighborhood restaurant located in in a petite storefront on Eighth Street downtown's historic district, where new architectural wonders coexist next to historic landmarks creating the perfect balance of old and new that embodies what the restaurant's soul is all about.

Colori kitchen's façade is barely noticeable from the streets, but once inside the atmosphere is hospitable and cozy with a long brick wall cover with art display and bright wall colors that gives the room a European ambiance reminiscent of a "Trattoria", an Italian country style dining, made casual by wooden tables and chairs and an airy open kitchen , that sourrounded by a deli style counter and ceiling lights, offers thepossibility to watch the chef in action.

The resturant is notorious within locals and was founded merely ten years ago by chef Luigi Barducci Contessi and his wife Paola, who had different ideas and dreams in mind but "mix" them together like colors on a painters' palette and created Colori, which in Italian colors a name symbolizes both the array of ideas of the owners and born by the idea of mixing togheter different thoughs and with no formal exprerience but a lot of hope, passion for food and quite a bit of courage, decided to open.

The common inspiration for them was to offer top quality food without necessarily charge people a huge amount of money, adding to people's dining experience the warmth, and of course a bit of the drama, that only a real Italian family can offer.